Team Frameworks

Geir Arntzen Andrew
General manager & digital consultant
Phone: 976 38 028

Geir is a founder and general manager with both IT and environmental engineering education. Since 1997, he has made it a mission to connect these disciplines and worked with web projects, platforms and processes in the field of environment, sustainability, climate, public health and expertise. Geir also works as a flexible project manager (Scrum master) for our large projects with a high degree of customer involvement and is our permanent seconded employee on EU projects and other major networking projects.

Tor-Erik Klausen
Full-stack developer
Phone: 922 00 405

Tor-Erik works as a programmer and developer with web and system development, databases and operations. With a Master's degree in communication technology and system development from UiA, Tor-Erik is a great resource in all assignments with a need for customized solutions and system architecture. Tor-Erik is an experienced and skilled resource with 15 years of experience with full-stack .net, web and system development and is a certified Umbraco Expert.


Andrew Smith
Phone: 46422014

Experienced in digital design & UI/UX development, Andrew's wide range of interests allow him to approach projects with a unique perspective. With a colourful background in Graphic Design from the UK, Andrew is an advocate of bleeding edge technologies and techniques and has pushed the boundaries of Wordpress for over 10 years.

Eirik Fossestøl Andresen
Junior Web developer
Phone: 94974070

Eirik is still in education, but has been actively involved in web development and programming through his own company for many years already. He aims to continue with studies in computer technology and programming. Eirik likes to learn and is quick to familiarize himself with existing solutions and projects. Likes challenges and constantly acquires new technology, frameworks and methods.


Birgit Fostervold
Web developer/Designer
Phone: 997 06 367

In the spirit of the sharing economy, we are lucky to have a permanent agreement with our good neighbors in Asplan Viak to use Birgit Fostervold as a web developer and UX designer on our team. Birgit has a background from Multimedia at UIA and over 15 years of experience as a web designer and web developer with special expertise in the use of the publishing tools WordPress and Umbraco. She also contributes valuable process knowledge, digital marketing and content.

Tiago Teixeira
Full-stack developer
Phone: +351 918 923 703

Tiago is educated in programming and system development from his home country Portugal, and has massive experience from many different exciting and demanding projects. Tiago has a unique blend of courage, skill and intuition and works as a web developer on both the user interface and the underlying system development. Tiago is a full-stack developer with 15 years of experience with .Net and Php. Certified Microsoft and Umbraco CMS developer.


Ole Åkre
Digital consultant / New digital media
Phone: 951 45 477

Ole is an experienced digital consultant, UX designer and developer with expertise in digital business development, project management and usability. As one of the founders of Frameworks AS, he has for 20 years been involved in many different types of solutions in all sectors. Has also been a few years in the digital department of Sparebanken Sør. Ole assists small and large customers with planning and digital strategy, and leads and implements creative and technical processes and is involved in the entire customer journey.

Frameworks AS - Kystveien 2, 4.etasje, 4841 Arendal
Phone: 97638028

Feel free to drop by or contact us for a chat and learn more about what we can assist with. We are located in Eurekabygget at Sørlandet Kunnskapshavn. With us, you meet developers and designers who understand and solve real challenges and problems.

MAP: You can find us here!

Organization number: 985 256 055

Om Frameworks

The history
Frameworks is a socially engaged digital agency. We have been known as "Norway's first green web agency" as we have invested heavily in digital portals and tools for climate and environmental information since we were founded in 2002.

As a company, Frameworks has been a Klimapartner (climate partner) and climate neutral since 2009 and we were certified in Miljøfyrtårn in 2012. This is how we got customers around the world, and we have developed environmental reports and web portals for large organizations and authorities in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. We are 20 years later a full-fledged digital agency with a lot of versatile experience that assists both small and large customers - locally, regionally and internationally with web solutions and digital tools and platforms.

Frameworks has an active ownership in SmartOrg AS, which is a startup company that develops and operates a new digital platform for easier founding, operation and administration of voluntary associations and co-ownerships.

Environment and social responsibility

We have a special focus on web solutions and tools within environment and sustainability, knowledge, volunteering and public health and develop and operate large solutions for both local, Norwegian and international organizations and companies.

Frameworks AS is also involved in the local community and is one of the initiators of TEDxArendal, the conference that gathers knowledge from around the world. We believe in commitment both at work and in our free time, and often these two worlds go hand in hand for our employees. Having the opportunity to work with something you are passionate about gives both joy, expertise and spirit. Frameworks AS will continue to engage in local and regional topics we believe everyone benefits from.

Our environmental efforts are documented in our annual Miljørapport (environmental report) through Miljøfyrtårn and our Klimaregnskap (climate accounting) through Klimapartnere (climate partners).

Our values
We have a set of values that we try to live up to in projects and customer relationships and that we believe contributes to great solutions, trust, good dialogue and sustainable wealth creation.

Solution-oriented: We always find a practical solution to a challenge.

Credible: We must have a culture that invites opennes and results in credibility internally and externally.

Committed: We must be committed to the work we do and in meeting our customers.

Sustainable: We focus on the United Nations' sustainable development goals and aim to deliver sustainable digital solutions and platforms that contribute positively and long in our customers' value chain.