Web solutions and digital tools

We develop functional web solutions with designs that work on different screen sizes and that can be integrated with other internal and external systems. We prioritize user journeys and experiences and are confident in technology, development and methods for completing projects and maintaining them. We build many of our projects on robust open platforms like Umbraco CMS and WordPress. When required, we develop customized solutions on Microsoft .NET. We deliver on everything from development and design to operation and support!

Consulting and digital strategy

We have worked with digital development for over 20 years, and have extensive experience with strategic and practical work to achieve results with digital solutions, tools and process improvements. We offer our expertise as project managers, review of specifications and user-friendliness, as well as assist customers with proficiency in purchasing. If you need a safe hand to guide you through a process or project, we have the expertise, insight and great references.

Web development (full stack)

Frameworks has experienced web developers who work on frontend (what you see), backend (how the system is built) and integration (how systems talk to each other). We utilize modern frameworks, programming languages and methods. We spend a lot of time in dialogue with customers and users to identify needs, processes, challenges and solutions. We have developed both large, small and robust web solutions, and have extensive experience in developing web portals as looser interaction processes.

Design, UX and interactive

Frameworks has expertise in graphic design, UX-processes, simple video and animation production - and we can deliver both visual and creative content for digital platforms. We possess unique expertise in Unity, where you can visualize in both 2D and 3D and create simulators, small games or infographics. We are also familiar with VR and AR. If you have an exciting idea but are unsure on how it can become real, you can talk to us and receive good suggestions and advice.

Get in touch for a chat!

We can help you solve digital challenges. Need development or improvements of web solutions, business processes, integrations or marketing solutions? Or maybe you are unsure on how to make use of these new opportunities?

Feel free to stop by and have a chat and a coffe with us in Sørlandet Kunnskapshavn, Arendal - and we will figure it out!

Geir Andrew (general manager)
Phone: +4797638028